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Philip Holden

Charismatic Spiritual Medium

So you want to know more about Trance.


Trance has been used as a description for many different things, some bringing a negative, fearful reaction. It is a very general title that has many subdivisions underneath, basically, it means ?an altered state of consciousness?.

Feeling relaxed, is an altered state, being hypnotised, is an altered state, this term simply means a state of consciousness which is not your normal everyday state, which itself alters demanding on your environment.

Anyone who wants to develop the ?Trance? state must simply learn to concentrate on training the brain to be in ?the emptiness? allowing impressions to be placed into their consciousness, which they can communicate to another or use just for their own guidance.

Quote: ?Using the trance teaching techniques will encourage a closer working relationship with the Spirit Healers and thereby give greater access to the healing energy and its Divine source.

Mediums working in the trance state allow the Spirit teachers to share with us their knowledge and guidance, in order to assist us in our understanding of the power of Spirit.?

So you see, contrary to the general belief, the ?trance? state is very useful for spiritual growth and can be accessed under guidance and protection, without any negative effects. There are many people who, through bad publicity, ?Chinese whispers?, misrepresentation and unreliable sources of information, have got the wrong impression of ?trance?. Most of these people, even experienced mediums, have ?steered clear? of a wonderful way to enhance growth, and become aware of the wonders accessible through this close connection with spirit.

Many people, do not observe the Spiritual principle ?Personal responsibility? and I hesitate to say; blame their own short comings on matters outside of their control. I have always said to those worried about ?being possessed by negative spirits?, there are obviously spirits which exist in a self-made dimension of negativity, for whatever reason, of their own higher self. They can only connect to you through negative energy: like attracts like, you can only ever attract energy with a similar vibrational energy to yourself.

This is why it is paramount, that you believe and practice the importance of working on your own emotional well being as well as your spiritual connections.

There is some discrepancy about Trance voice and whether it is physical or not. Mediums which practice the true physical voice will not be moving their lips, as of yet my 'main' control uses my own voicebox and mouth to speak so it is not physical.

One of he most famous medium for Physical is Carlos Mirabelli as you will see from this link he was amazing.