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Philip Holden

Charismatic Spiritual Medium


I have been asked to tell you, that, A lady in the back row, with the Russian hat on , told me that you were spot on. You told her that white roses meant a lot to her. It was her wedding anniversary the next day and a box of white roses were delivered to her. She has asked me to thank you.

22-Mar-2017 Santuary Of Healing Chatham

Thank you for a wonderful evening last night Philip Holden you were Amaze able as Always Love watching how you work and an my Anneliese's say a big thank-you to your healer she was in do much pain last night but awoke this morning feeling 100% better thank you again to you and your Guide hope we see you again soon take care my friend xxxx

22-Mar-2017 Santuary Of Healing Chatham

"It was a pleasure to meet Philip. I was not expecting to be told anything at all really, but when he did come to me, all he said was overwhelmingly accurate ..Maggie Gozo Sept2015

."Hello again

I thought I'd add you on fb because a few of my friends need uplifting spiritual advisers & you my love are a hoot.

Thank you for the reading the other day & for the entertainment. I gotta say it was the best meeting I've been to and your energy was amazing. I've not seen my sister laugh so much in a while so thank you. Blessings xx

Service at Light Within Plumstead 16/04/2015

Sue Bailey

Hi Phil, I just wanted to thank you once again for a lovely evening- looking at peoples faces whilst you were taking the service was lovely they were really enjoying the evening & that isn't always so. Circle time was very special so thank you for sharing with us. Look forward to seeing you soon-will organise a special evening. 

Hello phillip just like to say i was totally blowing away last night at stockwell.

thinking of the trials and tribulation that you have been through i could put my hand on my heart and say you are one of the best mediums i have come across.i hostly think your medium ship skills are onpare to the tony stockwell and the colin frys of this world but i dont think they will be able to handle the things that you have been through. i could fill a different energy with you last night it felt like your reinventing yourself keep your chin up peace and light melvin. Service held at Stockwell Church

I hope 2010 will be as magical for you as I know it will be for me. I will always be indebted to you for sorting my back out. May your path be blessed with good fortune. John

Hi Philip,

I hear that your evening was a huge success. My daughter said you and Christine were excellent and that you were the best she's seen. She's really glad she was able to attend and I cannot think of a better first medium for her boyfriend to see. He's never even set foot in a Spiritualist church before, so thank you.

Janice tells me you were doing a video of it so I hope we will be able to get to see you in action on film.

Mo xxx

"Dear Philip, thank you so much for the lovely service on Sunday. I have already had a few calls to request I book you again. Will tell if we get a cancellation. Thanks again for your kindness and generosity." Therese.


"I have suffered with polycystic overys since early childhood, have not had a period in two years! Seen Harley Street, had accupunture, homeopathy, herbal, tried the pill, reflexology, Reiki, you name it I have tried it! 6 months ago I started having Trance/Control healing from you and bingo! Two periods in three months." Anonymous (details withheld on clients request, however,she will discuss case if needed personally if you let me pass on your contact details to her.)

Hi Philip,

thank you very very much for the reading, my husband hasn't listened to the tape but ive told him all about it, and he just smiled. Which is a good thing.

It was brilliant watching his reaction to things that were said. Well worth the money tee hee.

The journey home was brill. i didn't really have to wait for the tube or bus. a very smooth journey. And i didn't panic once. hahaha.

thank you once again.

speak to you soon. Tracy x

I am a spiritualist, I started doing platform work last year, I am a mum and wife and attend the phoenix spiritualist church in Chertsey. I attended one of Philips workshops which not only help me to learn and improve my connection with spirit but his trance work anwsered a long standing issue and helped me imeasurably.

I am lucky enough to have been shown there is a continuance of life after the physical and am grateful that I have that knowledge and can draw strength from the support of loved ones and guides from the spirit realms as well as the messages from channels down here.

I celebrate my faults (of course I only have one or two) and strive to be imperfect therefore enableing myself to continue growing and learning -Justine

How is it you manage to comfort me? without my asking., without my telling you there is something.

....................... gosh i missed your inspiration whilst you were away

I saw you once at the angel centre in cheriton or summat like that.............. I also came on one of your course somewhere in the country SEast, freaked me out a bit, because you changed into someone with a moustache.

I liked you immediately, from the angel centre evening of clairvo .................I know you are the real mccoy, i knew from the angel centre, it was uplifting to find another

soul that kind of recognised me..... if that makes sense.... promise i'm not a loon. (name withheld)

"I mention you quite regular to various people. I have told them that I have had trance healing from you and touch wood, my bad back is no longer bad. Since that healing, I have had no pain in my lower back at all." John.

"thanks for the healing...back feels much better this morning..."Jon.

"thank you for helping me to focus my energy on what really matters and to leave all the clutter behind. I so much value the love and support you gave me this morning" Christiane.

 'During a psychic healing evening at the Baker Foundation in Playa Flamenca earlier this year I was given healing by Tebo through Philip Holden. During the healing I felt a tingling sensation down my back - that was so different from anything from any other Healers I have experienced. I went back to my seat and during the rest of the evening I continued to experience this tingling feeling - I kept telling my husband, Robin whilst I was experiencing this. In the days that followed, up to today also, I have experienced this tingling feeling and since that day the dreadful pain I used to have in my back has not been felt, the pain in my back that was very painful seems to be so much less, and my husband no longer has me complaining of the constant pain in my back. Tebo, is amazing - and I hope to meet him again another day and tell him about the other problem areas - my Husband is also very keen to see him and hopes to receive the healing that I have as well.Lynda

Workshop Feedback

Feedback from March Masterclass.

It's good to do a workshop in a church. Tracey

So well organised and well disciplined. Jenny

Would like to do this every Saturday. Sue

Some aspects were a bit challenging but overall level was ok. James

Found it interesting working in a real church setting, "real life". Nick

Regarding paperwork, I especially loved the extra notes of Masterclass excellent advice! Dawn

Feedback from May Masterclass.

Happy with everything, can't get enough!

Thoroughly enjoyed the course

Feedback from June Masterclass.

I came to your Master class workshop today and did fill out your feedback form but don't think I did you justice. I am not a person to give exuberant praise so when I marked the day as good, that really meant GOOD!!! ( A miracle would merit excellent)

When I came it was with an open mind and I really enjoyed the workshop. You are a good teacher and the interaction with other people was great. I have to say that it takes me a while to evaluate what I've experienced, so a true response comes later. One of my friends says it takes me about three weeks to mull it over, so I guess this is a quick response. I also understand how important it is for you to get it right, hence this addition to my feedback form. I am a Reiki teacher/practitioner and the feedback is very important to me so I can see what is or isn't working for my students.

So here it is, Great workshops, nice bloke, I like you and how you work. Thanks I had a nice two days. Love and light, Ann

Lovely informal format which created a warm atmosphere, I felt the course was very good & Philip is a really good teacher, Faye

Thank you for a lovely day last Saturday , it was very enjoyable and you are certainly a mind of information .I was the lady who had a bit of cry in mediation and you kindly gave me lovely warm cuddle . Spirit made me very aware of people's feet on Saturday , and because of that I was able to see your own feet turn black , when you were in trance your caveman had also some nasty looking lumps on his face too !! thank goodness they disappeared after the trance !! Annette