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Philip Holden

Charismatic Spiritual Medium

Mini Addresses

I have compiled summaries of some of my addresses; these are usually channelled from an inspirational link. Therefore, are recorded from my memory as I remember them, certain individuals have asked for this.

What goes around comes around

Do any of you observe the 7 principles? How many of you are aware of the principle, Compensation and Retribution Hereafter for all the Good or Evil Deeds done on Earth? Raise your hand if so. Not many, well, what about the expression 'What goes around comes around' how many of you have said this?

All of you! I see, do you not recognise this as the 6th principle?

What makes a good friendship? You have a friend who is there for you once, twice, or maybe forever, does this make a good friend?

Aren’t good friends those people who are there for more than a reason or season, but for life? History, it is having history with someone that gives you this feeling. You can fall in love with someone overnight and the next day want to get away from them. If you have that feeling of falling in love lasts over a period of time, you really start to believe this is true love. Of course during this time our real friends understand why they might get ignored, don't they, knowing full well that when the honeymoon period is over we will come back to acknowledging their friendship again.

It is time and history that seals the friendship or love into a 'true friendship' or 'true love'.

And yet we all know that 'what goes around comes around' and whatever the type of love or friendship we have with someone, we have that assurance that the 6th principle assures us that revenge is not necessary if someone has abused our friendship.

We do not have to worry about them getting 'pay back', we know it is not helpful to us, only the others Higher self or soul will judge them and knows the true reason for it to happen. We all know situations in life where we have felt this and sometimes it is very hard to resolve but with perseverance we can over come it, eventually.

Believe in the seven principles and use them, we can update to make them more modern so we can apply them to our lives more easily, with ease.

Mothers Day

Today is Mothers Day and I am inspired to do an address on it. We all had mothers the day we were born, some of them stayed with us, these are the mothers who carried out the stereotypical role as 'mother'.

Most of us had and still have our mother around us, they were able to be there for us, even though there is no such thing as a 'perfect mother' (or parent, come to that) they did their very best to be a mother to us.

With all their faults as well as all their unique positive additions to motherhood, they brought us up within their capabilities.

However, there are many mothers, who chose to leave their offspring, either at birth, or later on during the Childs life. They may have such a difficult time staying with the father, or the child, whether a physical or emotional barrier caused bringing on the decision to leave their child(ren) and/or spouse. Maybe the spouse was too violent to be with and could provide a better future without the mother around? Maybe the mother just recognised that the energy between her and spouse would only get better if they left them, we cannot judge them, unless we can walk in thier shoes and then we know that only God can judge anyway.

Let us think about these mothers for a change, how they must have been torn apart to make such a decision, maybe our society is too judgemental about these mothers and not supportive enough. It does not seem to happen so much these days as we seem to be more understanding about women in this position. Or do we just not hear how many of them there are because of the embarrassment of it.

(The day I did this address, a lady came up to me afterwards and thanked me for the address, saying 'because I was one of those mothers!')

They Hurt Me!

We can all remember saying this, at some point in our lives. Well, I have news for you; no one is responsible for our feelings. Feelings are chemical exchanges which take place in our physical body. When we are ‘blaming’ someone for ‘hurting our feelings’, we are off loading the responsibility of our own feelings onto them. When we do this we are giving away our power of transformation. If a feeling is not within you, suppressed, somewhere, (see the address about ‘Feelings’) then no one can get you in touch with them. How many times do we blame our anger on others? Anger is a sign that we have not developed our Amygdala.

This is the organ responsible for injecting the hormones, Adrenalin and Cortisol into the blood stream for the ‘Fight or Flight’ syndrome, it is one of the few parts of the brain fully developed at birth, to increase our chances of survival. As we get older the Neocortex develops, it starts to ‘buffer’ the signals that are sent to the adrenal glands by the Amygdala, interfering with them. When we ‘count to 10 (or in some cases 20 or 30 is advisable), we are learning and teaching ourselves to inhibit this consciously, which allows us to deal with the feeling, rather than pumping all that adrenaline and cortisol into our system.

The Cortisol converts muscle into energy, therefore if we do not use this hormone up, it can cause physical damage to us, and this is the main danger of long term stress.

So if you have any feelings of anger, always put it to a physical purpose that is not negative, this way you can use up the hormones before they damage your body.

So remember ‘no one makes us feel’, we attract people and things around us which ‘get us in touch with our feelings’.

Isn’t Jesus always quoted as saying ‘Know thy own self’?

The reason why we bless our enemies and the likes is because of their ability to get us in touch with our feelings, so let’s bless them with conviction knowing, that we have done our very best with the tool given to us by God.


One of the most powerful and important tools, given to us by God and Spirit, for our growth and transformation, are our Feelings.

We are made up from 4 parts, Spiritual body (which is always perfect, this is the part of us that is God), Mental body (this lives on with our spirit after physical death as well as our spirit), Emotional body (this is merely a chemical reaction, in the physical body, which comprises of all the other emotions, apart from love, we feel while on the earth) and the Physical body (the vehicle which carries our spirit and all while we are down here).

Now, there is no such thing as a negative feeling, all feelings are useful, although sometimes we unwisely suppress the ‘not so nice’ ones. Have you ever heard of anyone suppressing happiness and joy? No, but we do suppress depression and the likes of feelings similar, with that flavour. Medicine prescribed by doctors, is prescribed because they fear that we might end our life(Physical of course), if we do not take them. Well, yes that is the extreme result, but if we have someone we can be with, who listens and facilitates our feelings in a positive away, then those feelings can be let out andwill help us transform.

Always nurture a network of friends who are strong enough to be there for you, so that you can be there for them too. Remember, if you can let go of a feeling fully, it can never stay for longer than 3 days, before it starts to transform itself and you. It takes 2 weeks for Prozac to ‘kick in’ so you would be over that feeling long before the medicine could be effective. Never be on your own, when you allow yourself to explore feelings, showing your ‘unshowable’ side in front of a close friend, will make them closer and more intimate with you and this is what makes life alive and worth living, intimacy.

As a wise person I once knew, said:

“In-to-me-see “ By being intimate, I see into me!


All over the world, at any time, there is a war going on between two or more sides. Let’s take a while to look into this phenomenon, for every action in the world there is a re-action, so does that rule out that the original action was not a re-action of something previous?

There is always a flipside to any coin, as indeed there are for emotions. Take a while to consider what the flip side of War might be, or the feelings which lead up to it?

War usually involves ‘hate’ does it not? Is the flipside to hate, ‘love?’ Maybe, we know that although hate and love are not exactly opposite, to hate someone with a high degree, we must have loved them to a similar degree?

Think about why people start to fight, is it not because they originally had a fear that they themselves might be killed, or lose their freedom in some way, or not have bread on the table to feed themselves or family?

Is not fear the flipside of ‘Greed’, and is not war the result of protecting these things, which once it gets exaggerated, becomes ‘Greed?’

Therefore take yourself into the place where you can appreciate that war may be the resulting action of feeling fearful of some of these things.

Remember every cause has an ‘effect’, and every effect has a ‘cause.’

God is unknowable!

If God is unknowable, then why do we spend so much effort getting to know him?

We are all part of God, and we are the part of him that we can get to know. Most people come to listen to a medium, for them to tell them things which proves that God not only exists, but so do our loved ones after the physical death. Well I want to ask you, what is a better way to get to know God?

Everyone around you is a 'perfect expression of God' or so we are told. Therefore, would it not be a lot easier to get to know the other parts of God, other people around us, than sending our thoughts etc. 'up to the heavens?'

Remember, before you get to know God, or the parts of God in all those around you, first you must release your judgements, so that you can see who that person truly is and not what you 'paint' on that white canvas from your fears.


My address this weekend, was about Truth. There is no such thing as the whole truth, only two half truths, your half truth and mine. If those two truths are in harmony, then we have a 'Whole truth'. If not we only have two 'half truths' and nothing more, but remember, our truths are based on our experiences in life, no two are the same. Anyone who judges others, basing their judgement on one half truth, is a fool. Be sure of that!

But also remember, that in our judging, we also compare that person with others that have been powerful in our lives, especially those who have got us in touch with our pain. If that 'new' person resembles any of these past initiators of our pain, then our subconscious automatically tries to protect us and puts up the barriers. So judge gently and be aware of the reason why you might have judged harshly in the past (and may still in the present and future).

Love Light & Wholeness

The New Consumers Law

Most of you will have already heard about the new law that is being passed. Firstly, it is to stop people sending those nuisance letters threatening you with 'bad luck' unless you pay them money. Unfortunately, these types of fraud have given some of the people who know no better, a grey opinion of us and the big umbrella of the law is reaching out to us as well.

We now have to state that 'it is for entertainment purposes only’ and be very careful how we describe what is happening during a Divine Service or 'Clairvoyance' (which must now be called 'Mediumship'), because if the medium is Clairaudient, then we are mis-representing what is happening.

Now I question, does the Pope have to say ‘this is for entertainment purposes only’ before he gives an address? For this is inspirational linking as we do, is it not? We have to bite our tongues and not reagard this as an insult to our beliefs, but we can make it work.

Over the years, I have noticed, that sometimes, I get complacent about the 'good' I am doing, until the 'dark side' gets a bit disturbed and seems to have a sort of 'whiplash effect'. This is just the natural progression of life, because without evil we would not evolve, but you see, we must always be prepared for the come-back of this type of thing when we are light workers.

I have suffered as well as most of you, where we have allowed ourselves to be ‘good people’ and helped others, to the detriment of our own security, sometimes, (whether it is monetary or health, etc.) I have realised that this is spirits way of saying ‘Hey take care of yourself first’, so I have got into the habit of asking myself ‘Have I got this to give?’ first, before I fall over myself to help others. I have also learnt to question if the person would do the same for me, if the role was reversed?

You may think this sounds a bit selfish, but we have to learn new boundaries somewhere!

Now, as you know, I believe in ‘the two sides of a coin’, where and why did this new law come about? Someone went to a medium, was told things in such a way that when it did not happen, they complained that the medium had taken their money, with unfilled futuristic claims.

These people need to realise that they are in charge of their futures and no one else; all we can do is foresee possible future realities. I always inform the sitter, that from this point on (at the reading) you can change anything in your future, as in deed you are currently the product of your past thoughts and actions.

But these people have to have someone to blame, so the flip side of the coin, to these people are that we need to send out compassion for them, their past was probably filled with all sorts of life experiences which brought them to this blameful place. You know the type of person who never accepts responsibilities and has to blame someone else for everything.

Be Careful What You Wish For

5 or so years ago, I asked Spirit to manifest a Ford Focus, it took 12 months for them to manifest it into my life.

Then about 2 years ago I decided I wanted a Toyota Priius in my life, this time it only took them 1 month, so I thought to myself, ‘OK the have started to get used to the fact that when I ask for it they can manifest it quicker for me!

Then after a while I thought ‘why can’t I have a car that winds in the wing mirrors, like a Mercedes or similar and also I would like my monthly outgoings to reduce. I then had a little argument with a wall, to the front driver’s side of my car. People kept asking me ‘what happened to my car’ of course I could not tell a lie but got fed up with people thinking I was a bad driver, after all I am ‘Blue Light Trained!’

So I asked Spirit once again for a little accident to just happen, that would not be my fault, to the side where the previous damage had occurred. Blow me, then it happened, the accident wrote off my far completely! This threw me into chaos! I then panicked, how will I get to my bookings? Most of them were so difficult to get to by public transport. I managed to find a cheap, reliable, little run-around while I waited for the settlement cheque from the car insurers.

When it arrived, I found a Priius on the net for a smaller amount than I expected, so I inquired about it and went to test drive it, it was great, and less mileage than my other one even thought it was an older version.

The only problem, it was all in Japanese! This did not stop me as I could work out things although it took a few days to get my head around it. I still cannot correct the clock, but realised if I wait to a few second before 1 o’clock, I could disconnect the battery and reconnect it setting the clock to 1 o’clock precisely, as the manual said. So I found a way around it!

Then I used some of the money to pay off this loan, reducing my monthly outgoings and realised that Spirit had organised everything which I had asked for, in its own way, but in the most inconvenient way imaginable.

Then I used some of the money to pay off this loan, reducing my monthly outgoings and realised that Spirit had organised everything which I had asked for, in its own way, but in the most inconvenient way imaginable. You see, the latest car had wing mirrors which wound themselves in and out again, at the push of a button. So I had the damage of the car taken away, reduced my monthly bills by paying off that loan and had wing mirrors that wound them

selves in!

Be careful what you wish for as you never know how it will manifest………………….