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Philip Holden

Charismatic Spiritual Medium

Psychic Phenomena

On this page you will find pictures of psychic phenomena, I will give you my explanations, as well as the views of others, people that I greatly respect, but in the end, you must make up your own mind. Just remember, that all the 'Haunted' type programmes you see on TV, have to sell, never take them 'at face value'. If you ever worry about anything like this, please email me so I can put your mind at rest. Many people, as they start to develop, wonder and panic about possession and similar expressions, unnecessarily, so please, before you lose any sleep over these subjects contact me, so I can put your mind at ease!

Now when you are ready, scroll down for the picture(s)

Even if you ask questions that I do not have an answer for, rest assured, I will find out for you, this is part of my growth, as an Initiate/Teacher. 

Blessed Be!

Moonstone apport at Stansted!

A few months ago, Christine was doing a physical week at Stansted and during a séance; spirit manifested a moonstone in the palms of one of the recipients. As you can see it was a fair size! I could not go for reasons beyond my control, but I was so upset i had missed it!

This is commonly known as an apport.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An apport is the paranormal transference of an article from one place to another, or an appearance of an article from an unknown source. Apports are often associated with poltergeist activity, and on rare occasions are said to be witnessed landing on the floor, in a person's lap or dropping from the ceiling. Flowers are a well known form of apport at spiritualistic séances, but tar and mud have also been reported.

Conversely, an apport is the transference of a small object from a known location to an unknown location via paranormal means

As with all paranormal phenomena, apports are highly controversial, with critics such as Robert Todd Carroll saying that they are the result of magic tricks.

Ghost Hunt in Wales

This picture, was taken one night in Wales. It was a training week I did with Tony Stockwell, unfortunately, I had got sun stroke that day (unusual in Wales, I know!), Tony took all the others out for a 'ghost hunt!'

When we examined the pictures, we found this one; the red mist is strange. Look up above, there was no moon that night, an orb? What are the red flashes? This picture was taken in the middle of a huge field! Now look at the picture underneath this one!


Now when you look closely, can you see the 3 faces in the smoke? 

Or is this pushing it too far!