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Philip Holden

Charismatic Spiritual Medium

BOGOF Offer! (Buy One Get One Free, get the last two issues for £3)

Please send me your name & address to:

[email protected]

I will email you the address to send a cheque to & I will post it to you.

It will cost £3.90, Incl. P&P

This magazine has a lot of wonderful articles in it:

Spring Issue contains:

First Steps, Compassion, The Power of Past Life Regression, My Friend the Shamen, Little Souls, The Power of Emotional Freedom Technique, Relaxation & Meditation, Out Of The Abyss, A Message From White Eagle, Back To Life Naturally, I Was I Am, Spirit Guides:An Artists Perspective, Poetry, Imaginary Friend Or Ghost, The Human Design System, Enlightened Spiritual Animals & Vets, A Passion For Crystalls! & Darkness & Light.

Summer Issue contains:

Finding Quiet Time for Yourself, Are You Lost, Adrians Angels, Physician Heal Thyself, Do You Love Life, Little soul and Self Love, Poetry, 3D, Crystal Skulls, Re-visioning Our Belief Systems, A Passion For Crystalls Pt3, What is Codependency, Christ Consciousness Returns To Earth, Wat I Raja Yoga? & The Secret Of Real Love.

If you would like to receive this magazine through the post, submit your address details & click the paypal button below, to pay. This information will never be shared with anyone else.