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Philip Holden

Charismatic Spiritual Medium

Feedback from Workshops

hi phillip-chris,thanks for a lovely day at tenterden,you two are great teachers sweet and committed,please come again soon.................................................lots of thanks to you both. May love light peace and joy be always with you from chris and gwen xxx

The trance thing, I've never seen that happen before, I could see eyes even though your eyes were closed and a long skinny mostache and i think a long plait at the back too.

I'm sorry to say, It frightened me a bit, and although I have done weird things with people's faces before just by continuous staring, normally when i blink it stops..... I have never actually seen a face before, and it didn't disappear when i blinked............. sorry i was a bit cowardly, but just for a moment i was worried.

I thought i believed before, but the feeling i have now is more than belief, utter trust in fact, tinged by awe,...................................................

Last but not least, You are an incredibly special person, to be a vessel of this energy, it is a blessing to me that I stumbled across you... Thank you so much.

Thank you for a wonderful lesson Teacher

(name witheld)

Just to thank you for a brilliant day, you taught me things I didn't know, confirmed what I did know and rekindled my yearning to learn more.

Your a wonderful teacher thank you againfor sharing your knowledge and wisdom I'm looking forward to the next one!

Luv Sandi X

Hello and goodnight, but before you sleep...I just wanted to say Thank you for the most wonderful day...


Hi Phil

What a brilliant site you have here, keep up the good work.

Tenterden The workshop was fantastic, you truely are 1st class. Thanks for a great day. Dont think it would have been the same with anyone else, you brought lots of love,laughter and humour with you. You are a great teacher and medium.

Take care, god bless you Laraine x

I enjoyed the course very much. Once or twice it challenged my comfort zone but once I took that step forward I did not care how I looked or how I achieved it. I felt very comforted by the whole day and felt energised and grounded at the end of it, satisfied that I had done good work for and with spirit.

All the very best you both for the time and energy and dedication. God bless. Susie xxxxxx