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Philip Holden

Charismatic Spiritual Medium

‘The Lips of Knowledge are closed to all but the Ears of Understanding’.

Training in ‘Masterclass’ will help you to practice and understand:

  •   The reasons for who and why we need to ‘open and close’.
  • · Different types of meditation and what they can be used for.
  • · Exercises to enhance/demonstrate the altered state for different types of Mediumship, helping you to discern the different levels of linking, i.e. psychic, universal energy, working within the energy of a person and linking with the soul of another.
  • · Understand the ‘mechanics’ of Mediumship work, helping you to ‘fall back on different ways to link’ should you have one of those ‘stuck’ moments.
  • · Explanation of how to work with new Government Rules now that the ‘Fraudulent Act’ law is to be revoked and replace the the Consumer Protection Act.
  • · Learn to ‘Sit in the power’ and build up the energy to work.
  • · Learn to work with another medium on the same ‘link’.
  • · Build up your confidence and learn that spirit is always trying to connect with messages of love.
  • · Learn many ways of thinking, including ‘Receiving a message from someone you can’t see to give to someone you can’.
  • · Have fun learning, empowering yourself with the higher/stronger vibrations.
  • · Linking in on the Inspiration Level for address
  • · And any other subjects voted in by the majority of students.

Open Circle at Stockwell Spiritualist Church St. Michael's Road, Stockwell  


STARTING  ON Wednesday 25th May 2022 at 7.00pm

Learn how to do basics ( if you don't know how) and each week the open circle will give you the chance to get to know your gift, learn to turn it on and off, when needed. Guided by Philip Holden who will help you to find your weaknesses and strengthen your powers.