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Philip Holden

Charismatic Spiritual Medium

This is called the 6 Person Healing Technique aided by a Trance healing 'jump start'.

This technique recognises that by asking the patient 'Is it ok to connect' before the laying of the hands within a healing position, the subconsciousness of the patient is allowing the healing energy to bypass energetic (or otherwise) blocks imposed by it. The cocoon created by 1, 2, & 3 (4a & b, if there are enough people available) allows psychic surgery to be accomplished if the healing guides will cooperate.

The 'jump start' announces when they are connecting to 1, & when they are disconnecting. This not only allows all to notice if there is a perceptable energy change, but also allows them to notice how Trance energy feels, when channelled, preparing them to develop the ability (or confidence to know when they are connecting to trance energy healing) themselves. The 6 person healing takes a period of roughly 15mins, if there is no resistance, allowing the healing energy to reach its target, as intended by the healing guides, more efficiently, the healing needed can be channelled in under 1 min! So 15 mins is always long enough for the work to be done.

All healing comes from the same source, it is our ability to channel it without our own energetic blocks creating resistance, this method helps to create a dimension in which the pure Christos healing energy can reside. Imagine how many blocks can be overcome when the subconsious is asked more than once, to let the energy in!